Some Awesome Slide About Redis #1

Scaling Pinterest

Redis logo
I try to browsing about Redis and found an interesting slide, it came from Pinterest they use redis. And here’s some lesson i’ve got from them.

Amazon EC2 + S3 + Cloudfront
2 NGinX, 16 Web Engines + 2 API Engines
5 Functionally Sharded MySQL DB + 9 Read slaves
4 Cassandra Nodes
15 Membase Nodes (3 separate clusters)
8 Memcache Nodes
10 Redis Nodes
3 Task Routers + 4 Task Processors
4 Elastic Search Nodes
3 Mongo Clusters

It will fail. Keep it simple.

Amazon EC2 + S3 + ELB, Akamai
90+ Web Engines + 50 API Engines
66 MySQL DBs (m1.xlarge) + 1 slave each
59 Redis Instances
51 Memcache Instances
1 Redis Task Managers + 25 Task Processor
Sharded Solr

Here’s the slide

Scaling Pinterest


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