Python [How to] : Playing with Croniter

Playing with Croniter

How many seconds / minutes to the next cronjob? perhaps it is the question when we use a cronjob for some our applications.

Here I will show you a little trick using croniter, in the future, it will be combined with Redis Caching and News Web Crawler.


It is easy, pip install croniter or go to pypi croniter page.

The code


# Author  : Fajri Abdillah a.k.a clasense4
# Twitter : @clasense4
# mail    :

import croniter
import datetime
import time

now =
now2 = time.mktime(now.timetuple())
sched = '*/20 * * * *' # every 20 minutes
cron = croniter.croniter(sched,now)

print "Next Cron job : %s (Seconds) | Now : %s " % ( cron.get_next() - time.mktime(now.timetuple()), #to next 20 minutes
#print "Next Cron job : %s (Minutes) | Now : %s " % ( datetime.timedelta(seconds=cron.get_next() - time.mktime(now.timetuple())),


Why I comment on next print , because if I not comment that, the code will be fail, cron.get_next() will call the next cron function, it means next 40 minutes. Just try to comment / uncomment print section, and you’ll know 😀


This simple post is just to show how to use python with cron using croniter. And in my opinion, it’s so helpfull 😀


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