Non-blocking I/O, Node Js and Python’s Eventlet

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Non-blocking I/O and Node JS

A while ago I researched about Non-blocking I/O. I started with Node Js (An Non-blocking I/O framework built on the google chrome’s JS engine intended to write high scalable networking applications) and I was suprised about how an HTTPServer built with this framework can fast handle a thousand of concurrent requests and do it with a very efficient memory usage.

It can be done because Node Js doesn’t start a new thread or process when a new request come to the server.Everything in Node Js run in a single thread and nothing is blocking. It does asynchronus I/O calls and tells the operating system to notify it back when the I/O task is completed using epoll (Linux), kqueue (FreeBSD), select or whatever your OS provides to do this kind of things. In the meantime, Node Js can continue processing other requests or…

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