Working with AngularJS and Silex as Resource provider


Gonzalo Ayuso | Web Architect

This days I’m playing with AngularJS. Angular is a great framework when we’re building complex front-end applications with JavaScript. And the best part is that it’s very simple to understand (and I like simple things indeed). Today we are going to play with Resources. Resources are great when we need to use RestFull resources from the server. In this example we’re going to use Silex in the backend. Let’s start.

First of all we must realize that resources aren’t included in the main AngularJS js file and we need to include angular-resource.js (it comes with Angular package). We don’t really need resources. We can create our http services with AngularJS without using this extra js file but it provides a very clean abstraction (at least for me) and I like it.

We’re going to create a simple application with CRUD operations in the table. In the example we…

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