[Review] DigitalOcean Singapore Datacenter Network Benchmark

After looking at Digitalocean blog post they announce new datacenter at Singapore. Well, how great is network performance? I will use the same method in my last post about digitalocean network benchmark. And You’re welcome.


This post just about a simple network benchmark between Digitalocean NYC2 Datacenter and SGP1 Datacenter. I live in Indonesia, so I hope, closer is better. Well, I’m amazed, the snapshot only took 5 minutes 32 seconds, but unfortunately I can’t move snapshots outside the region (check the image below). Then, I’ll just do a fresh install.


The Test

  1. Composer

    Test Code

    	        time curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php


  2. Silex – wget

    Test Code

    	        time wget http://silex.sensiolabs.org/get/silex_fat.zip

    Speed Result

    Time Result

  3. Silex – Composer

    Test Code

    	        vim composer.json
    	            "require": {
    	                "silex/silex": "~1.1"
    	        time composer install --profile -vvv


  4. Git – Scrapy

    Test Code

                        time git clone https://github.com/clasense4/scrapy-dragonball.git


  5. Git – TWBS

    Test Code

    	        time git clone https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap.git

    Time Result

    Speed Result

  6. Git – Scrapy Bitbucket

    Test Code

    	        time git clone https://clasense4@bitbucket.org/clasense4/scrapy-blog-crawler.git


  7. Hg – Sphinx Bitbucket

    Test Code

    	        time hg clone https://bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/sphinx


  8. Speedtest – Basic

    Test Code

    	        wget -O speedtest-cli https://raw.github.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/master/speedtest_cli.py
    	        chmod +x speedtest-cli
    	        time ./speedtest-cli


  9. Speedtest – Bandung

    Test Code

    	        time ./speedtest-cli --list | grep Indonesia
    	        time ./speedtest-cli --server=3873



Awesome. Digitalocean (it has referal link) really do awesome job. They do care about asian people, and they already know asian is really a big market. Even it’s just $5/month but for me “super enough” not “just enough”. Well, I still have my other droplets in NYC2 Region, sometimes when I remote the droplets, add some linux command, it’s sometimes laggy, well I only have 512 Kb/s connection. But when I remote the SGP1 Droplets, I really don’t feel any laggy issue, it’s like remote on my own machine.

Closing Words

You can see all my screenshoot in galery below, the result I get maybe different with your test, you can test by yourself with my method. Maybe after you test by yourself, giving the test post link to me is great idea. Your opinion and my opinion can be different. Just choose the best for you. And, if You want the google drive result, just contact me.


No Test Name SGP1 NYC2
1 Composer 00:05 00:02
1.22 3.23 Mbit/s
2 Silex – wget 00:03 00:01
3 Silex – Composer 01:38 00:57
4 Git – Scrapy 00:02 00:04
5 Git – TWBS 00:24 00:12
7.88 8.96 Mbit/s
6 Git – Bitbucket 00:05 01:21
7 Hg – Bitbucket 00:26 00:12
8 Speedtest – Basic 599.46 / 82.92 286.74 / 25.78 Mbit/s
9 Speedtest – Bandung 513.09 / 68.40 33.73 / 9.41 Mbit/s

5 thoughts on “[Review] DigitalOcean Singapore Datacenter Network Benchmark

  1. halo, kang
    how about cloudkilat vs digital ocean (singapore), which one better?
    thank you

    • I have both until now, in my opinion, cloudkilat is great for production, because the data center is at IDC Jakarta and most of my Client is from Indonesia.

      For Development, I choose DigitalOcean, because it has so many features, like duplicate a droplets, or even transfer droplets to another user. If most of your client is not from Indonesia, I think DO is better. And if you try a droplet for less than one hour, you won’t be billed (I already try that) 😀

      • about less than one hour, it was my mistake at first it won’t show up, but at end of the month it appears, they still billed it for $0.01 (512mb). Even for 2 minutes.

  2. but what if your crowd is about 50-50 from Indonesia and from other countries ? Do you recommend DO or Cloudkilat ?

    • I think I will choose DO.

      internet connection :
      Ping from Bandung (Speedy) to SG, about 50~70ms
      Ping from Bandung (Speedy) to Jakarta (IDC) / Cloudkilat about 40~46ms

      Ping from SG (DO) to JKT(CC) about 15~17ms (CC to DO got same result)

      The difference is not too much, 30ms still compromised.

      Cloudkilat has better hardware than DO, but DO has many option for developers (like simple snapshot, clone a droplet, etc). If I have more money, choose both is the best option (ofcourse). But if I don’t have more money, I think I will go for DO (singapore)

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