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  1. hi just test

  2. I want to do Reporting engine (server side render highcharts) for ASP.NET IIS 7 please guide me on this

    • Maybe this will help.
      1. Render chart using java library from one2team (check link at my post). The data source for chart, you can import from mysql, or file, or any database environment. You must do it using java.
      2. Creating PPT file. For asp, please check this link, . For now, i don’t know any great library for to create ppt file. Or, execute external php script to create the ppt file, in php i’m using shell_exec(), find something like that in

  3. Hi,

    I am using one2team project for my java web application in order to generate the HighCharts charts and save it on the server which further can be used for reporting.

    However, I cannot generate all types of chart. I am foremost looking for Funnel Chart.

    Please help me out how shall I get that.


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