Awesome PHP Video you must watch

So I recently watch some videos about PHP, from anthony ferrara. Mostly it is about performance, and how PHP and other programming language actually works. Before I watch this video, I didn’t even know how PHP actually works (shame on me). Well, I suggested you must watch too. Some interesting quote is, “You don’t have scale problem, Your code just sucks”.


Recent Works [HTML Javascript] Province Bengkulu Educational Profile

This works is just a simple web app using analytic style (I don’t know spesifically what it called) like belitung, it has some charts like pie charts, bar charts, searchable and sortable data, login system, and using real time data, I use Mariadb as the database. It’s still not finished yet, still so much todo, like create custom charts, custom reporting, custom templating, and easy depolyment. Still so much todo.


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