[Review] DigitalOcean Singapore Datacenter Network Benchmark

After looking at Digitalocean blog post they announce new datacenter at Singapore. Well, how great is network performance? I will use the same method in my last post about digitalocean network benchmark. And You’re welcome.

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[Review] Cheap VPS battle Part-1Digital ocean vs Cloud kilat vs Simpler cloud

I always wondering which one from those provider who give the best service, so this time I got a chance to test that. Part 1 is about the networking.


Ram Swap Cpu Disk Prices / Month
DO 512 Mb 0 2Ghz 20 Gb $5
SC 1 Gb 2 Gb 2.6Ghz 30 Gb $10
CC 1 Gb 1 Gb 2Ghz 20 Gb Rp. 185.000

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[ID] Deploy Django pada VPS / Server dengan port custom

Artikel bahasa inggris

Saya sudah mencari di google tentang deploy Aplikasi Django menggunakan port custom, tapi kebanyakan yang saya temukan itu hanya sebuah saran, bukan tutorial. Saya menjadi sangat bingung sekali, apa yang ada di dalam pikiran saya “Bagaimana deploy django pada vps dengan port custom“, ya Saya punya sebuah akses ke PVS dengan sebuah ip publik, tapi tidak mempunyai DNS server, juga domain. Apa yang Saya inginkan adalah mengakses VPS tersebut, seperti publicip:port contoh:
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Building a Single Page Application with AngularJS and Neo4J – Setup

a thousand lines of code

This is a cross-post from the digitalian

Setting up the environment

In this section I will list all the steps that I had to go through to get my Mac ready for coding with the stack I picked. Hopefully this will be a useful timesaver for anyone who decided to do the same. If you found this page first, you won’t have to do any research. Just follow my footsteps and within minutes (not including the hefty download of Apple’s Xcode) you will be up and running, ready for action 🙂

Setting up Localhost

I still use OS X 10.7 (Lion), therefore this might not be applicable to your environment if you are using a newer version of OS X. First, I deleted the ~/Sites folder inside my personal folder, then I created a linked folder with the same name pointing to the /Library/WebServer/Documents folder using the following command from…

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