[Review] DigitalOcean Singapore Datacenter Network Benchmark

After looking at Digitalocean blog post they announce new datacenter at Singapore. Well, how great is network performance? I will use the same method in my last post about digitalocean network benchmark. And You’re welcome.

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[Review] Cheap VPS battle Part-1Digital ocean vs Cloud kilat vs Simpler cloud

I always wondering which one from those provider who give the best service, so this time I got a chance to test that. Part 1 is about the networking.


Ram Swap Cpu Disk Prices / Month
DO 512 Mb 0 2Ghz 20 Gb $5
SC 1 Gb 2 Gb 2.6Ghz 30 Gb $10
CC 1 Gb 1 Gb 2Ghz 20 Gb Rp. 185.000

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