[ID] Deploy Django pada VPS / Server dengan port custom

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Saya sudah mencari di google tentang deploy Aplikasi Django menggunakan port custom, tapi kebanyakan yang saya temukan itu hanya sebuah saran, bukan tutorial. Saya menjadi sangat bingung sekali, apa yang ada di dalam pikiran saya “Bagaimana deploy django pada vps dengan port custom“, ya Saya punya sebuah akses ke PVS dengan sebuah ip publik, tapi tidak mempunyai DNS server, juga domain. Apa yang Saya inginkan adalah mengakses VPS tersebut, seperti publicip:port contoh:
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Creating a new Django project in Eclipse PyDev

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A RESTful password locker with Django and backbone.js part 4

Django + rest framework + backbone.js = awesome..

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So far we’ve got a single-user password storing application. That’s not very secure or useful 🙂 So now we’re going to support multiple users and lock down the app so users must be authenticated. We’ll also lock down the REST API.

There’s now sufficient code that I’ll point you in the direction of certain files in the repository for some of the more standard Django code for things such as user registration.

Supporting multiple users

I created a registration form in `apps/users/forms.py` and updated `urls.py` so the django registration app would use it. The registration form asks for users first and last names, email address, a user name and their password (twice). This is pretty standard stuff.

Now users can register, we need to update the Password model in `apps/passwords/models.py` so passwords are associated with the user that created them. Add a new foreign key to django.contrib.auth.models.User:

We’ll use…

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Recent Works [Python] – News Web Crawler

I have a request to crawl some news website and make some analytic tool with those data. Before that, my client (Mediawave) use Google Api for searching News Data, but now, that API is closed. So, the only way to get those data is “crawl” to news provider. In my Case (Indonesian News), just crawling 3 News Provider, vivanews.com, detiknews.com and kompas.com. All were made using Python. Feel free to ask me if you want to see it in real Action. Continue Reading