A few words on sailsjs awesome nodejs framework

Sailsjs make it easy to build custom, enterprise-grade Node.js apps.

So, recently I watch this video. And I think it is really worth to try, really awesome do everything that simple, like create a REST API, it use ORM. And since my quote is, lazier is better, I think this framework suites me, I think I will use this framework in my next project, create a GIS based system. I think I will use leafletjs, since it use openstreetmap. I’m still working on it, I will share when it’s done.

Here is the awesome video :


[PHP Slide] Usefull Libraries – Speakerdeck

Who doesn’t know symfony components? Those components were great, like http, or twig bundle.

So, this slide will tell you everything, no need to create a new library if someone already create it 🙂

Here’s the slide :