Markdown [Snippet] Simple and easy beautiful markdown output

Everybody like markdown, it’s easy and beautiful. But the output of markdown syntax just plain html, how to make it better?

Yeah, that is my question. I don’t want to install anything beside markdown. So it’s back to basic.

Here is the step (do it in your console for first step) :

git clone
mv 6878245/head.html . && rm 6878245/ -rf
markdown > body.html
git clone
mv 6878289/tail.html . && rm 6878289/ -rf
cat head.html body.html tail.html > index.html

Here is the second step when you edit your markdown file, and compile & combine it again :

git clone
mv 6878094/ . && chmod u+x && rm 6878094/ -rf

After You got the snippet from My gists :


and voila, your markdown is better now.


Post to with Markdown

This is Interesting, and I will use it.

parezco y digo

I’ve come to enjoy writing posts, transcriptions, reading notes, and even formal papers using markdown and its variants. I really want to do so with this blog as well, but it’s cumbersome. For sites, there is a plugin to use markdown. But of course, plugins aren’t available on the side. I started this blog as one of my first-ever entries into the world of the web, and went with because it was comfortable and easy. I certainly could migrate it to a self-hosted site, but if I’m doing that, then I’m going to move it off of wordpress altogether. I could also write the posts in markdown, transform them to html, and then cut-and-paste the html into a new post in the web browser. That sounds like a pain in the ass, and duplicates files where duplication isn’t necessary.

In the meantime, I still want to write…

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