[PHP Slide] Usefull Libraries – Speakerdeck

Who doesn’t know symfony components? Those components were great, like http, or twig bundle.

So, this slide will tell you everything, no need to create a new library if someone already create it 🙂

Here’s the slide :


[Python Slide] Pycon 2011 Android Programming using Python

Python is awesome, You can make an Android app from python.
Just a comparison for You to create Simple Hello World Android App in java, 35 lines. And in Python 4 lines.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s the slide :

[NoSQL Slide] OrientDB : Internet Apps powered by NoSQL and JavaScript

Just found this slide, and it’s so awesome.
This slide will tell you about OrientDB.

Just using javascript and OrientDB, you can create something awesome.

OrientDB is made from java, and using http/rest as interface.

It’s really worth to try.

Here’s the slide :

[Webdeb Slide] What Makes a Great API? The Five Keys

In my opinion, creating API is something important in web development, so you can reusable data in any application or programs or apps

But, how to create great API?

Here’s the video :

Source : http://blog.programmableweb.com/2012/07/19/what-makes-a-great-api-the-five-keys/